Process Overview

We aim to be your principal financial planners on all the financial issues that impact your life. Together with our team of colleagues here in Vancouver, we will provide customized financial planning advice on a broad range of topics. In accordance with our professional practice standards we follow an industry mandated six-step process for all our clients.

We will:
– clearly define the terms of our professional engagement with you
– work with you to determine your goals, needs and priorities.
– collect and analyze your financial information with respect to these goals, needs and priorities
– identify and evaluate financial planning strategies
– develop and present our written financial planning recommendations
– assist you with the implementation of these recommendations, determining actions, responsibilities and time frames
– agree with you about the responsibilities and time frames for the review and re-evaluation of you financial plan.

Click here for a visual representation of our own Helix approach.


Following our initial meeting and your engagement of our services, we will provide you with a customized written financial planning report for you. Depending on your specific needs, this may include all or some of the following sections:

– Tax Planning
– Retirement Planning
– Estate Planning
– Cash Flow Management
– Risk Management
– Education funding planning
– Planning for special needs
– Business-owner planning issues


As part of the initial engagement process will agree with you about the type and level of professional fee appropriate for the work we are doing for you. These fees will include compensation for research, financial planning report preparation and meeting time used in the development of the plan. We are committed to ensure that you understand how we are compensated for the services and products we provide and recommend for you. Fees levied by external professionals are not normally included, unless otherwise arranged. We will explain any fees that we are paid should you choose to have us manage investment products and other services.

Service Standards

Ongoing advice and regular face-to-face meetings are an important part of our service to you. We also welcome you opinions, concerns and questions at any time. Every inquiry or problem will be researched and dealt with in a friendly and efficient manner by a member of our highly-qualified support staff.


In addition to adherence to national and provincial privacy legislation, our professional code of ethics demands strict confidentiality of your financial information. In addition to your financial planners, all members of our staff have been sworn to uphold the highest level of confidentiality of any matters that they manage for you in the conduct of their work.

Client Communication and Education

As a valued client, you will receive a quarterly newsletter that features commentary and educational articles on various topics which we feel would be of interest to you. We also provide periodic client seminars and in house discussions at our Vancouver location.