It’s over. What will I do now?

Divorce is difficult, and in the midst of all the change, loss and uncertainty, you need an expert who can help you find a pathway to a secure future.

Cathie Hurlburt is a recognized expert in financial and insurance planning who is a Certified Divorce Specialist. A divorce is not another step in your financial plan, it is a complete reordering of your plans, and Cathie has years of experience in guiding clients through the divorce process. Her deep understanding of asset management, insurance options and benefit plans mean that she can answer your questions and also raise the issues that you need to understand.

When a divorcing couple can avoid litigation, there are significant financial and emotional benefits. As a member of the North Shore Collaborative Law Group, Cathie has the network of expert associates who can support such a process.

If you are navigating the uncertain waters of divorce, take steps to secure your financial future and peace of mind. Contact Cathie.