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Mike Berton works with his clients to design and and implement their personal life plan for retirement and for their legacies, educating them as to the reasons for each recommendation. He also teaches other financial planners: he has been on the faculty with BCIT and Trinity Western University for many years. Mike is active with Advocis and the Institute of Advanced Financial Planning.

Rethinking Retirement

An end to mandatory retirement will change the way advisors plan for clients’ post-work lives. By Michael BertonThe rules of retirement are changing. Last April, lawmakers in Ontario announced their intention to end mandatory retirement, and New Brunswick, Manitoba, Quebec, Alberta, Yukon and Prince Edward Island have already amended their laws. Regardless of when a [...]

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The Term Rut

Timing is everything when converting clients from term to permanent insurance. By Michael BertonYou’ve just finished gathering and analyzing the financial and lifestyle information for a new client, Sarah, and made the initial determination she should acquire a life insurance policy worth $500,000. But what type?   You get some quotes from the life insurance [...]

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Best-Kept Secret

Business owners and self-employed clients should consider a health and welfare trust to augment a group benefit plan or as stand-alone coverage. By Mike BertonAs provincial governments download more expenses in the guise of “user fees” or restrict the list of eligible (paid for) medical services, group insurers have responded by re-pricing the extended healthcare [...]

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Move or Renovate?

Clients do not necessarily need to leave their beloved home when their family exceeds its capacity.   by Michael BertonMark and Samantha White (not their real names) love their suburban Vancouver neighborhood and large corner property, but as they are expecting their third child, they have decided their two- bedroom bungalow can no longer accommodate [...]

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Giving Credit

A source deduction letter can help clients receive tax credits early and maintain their cash flow throughout the year. Daryl Chan is a devoted member of his church. He attends services every week with his family and serves on the church board. Like many in his congregation, he believes in tithing and makes sure he [...]

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Retirement Alternative

Retirement compensation arrangements can help employers lure and retain executives and other key employees. by Mike Berton Times are tough for employers and business owners who want to build retirement packages to attract and retain top-notch professionals. Employee stock option programs, which created fortunes in the 1990s, have lost their lustre, and challenging business conditions [...]

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Do You Need A Financial Planner?

Ask yourself the following: Is your cash flow estimated on an annual basis, monthly basis, or not at all? Are you using your income-earning power to create income-earning assets? In the event of an emergency, would you be forced to sell assets at a loss? Have tax-minimizing strategies been included in your will? Are you [...]

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