A Comprehensive Approach to Financial Planning

Perhaps you have asked yourself – “Do I Need a Financial Planner?”

Financial planning has become so complex, it can be difficult for busy people to even know what they need or where to start. This is particularly true when they have more complex life situations that include personal and business investments, modern family priorities and the diversity of retirement plans. Review these frequently asked questions to spark some ideas as to where financial planning can help you.

We’re qualified to assist you with:

General Financial and Tax Planning

Ensure you are making the most of what you have.
Identify how much you can save and invest to maximize your financial health.
Design spending plans that allow you to live comfortably while still meeting your long term goals.
Ensure that you have strategies and plans that are as tax efficient as possible.

Advance Planning

Review your will and key legal documents on a regular basis.
Recognize and adapt to changes in your situation.
Making special plans for disabled family members and elderly parents.
Managing the competing interests of competing families.
Affording end of life care.

Risk Assessment

It’s often what you don’t know that can really hurt you. We can assist you to understand your existing risk profile in terms of health, income, and investments, and develop a strategy to minimize the potential downside.

Business Investments

Recommend appropriate ownership structures, safeguards and opportunities for your business investment.
Recommending whether incorporating makes sense in your circumstances.

Risk Management Insurance

We can recommend appropriate Life, Disability, Critical Illness and Long Term Care insurance plans for you, your family and your business.
Recommending ways to use insurance to pay less tax.

Retirement Planning

We can assist you to understand and help you integrate your pension plans, RRSPs, Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS) pension and other sources of income into a secure and sustainable retirement plan.

Making sure your retirement income streams are tax efficient and attract the maximum possible government benefits.; medical care, avoidance of the OAS clawback, pension splitting.

Education Planning

Develop a strategy to make future education options available to your loved ones within your budget.

Disability Savings Plans

Advice on government-sponsored savings plans for disabled family members.

Divorce Financial Planning

Restructuring your family into two households.
Tax-efficient division of family assets.
Provide for your children (Section 7 expenses and post-secondary education).
Decide to keep the house or the pension.
Advice on splitting the Canada Pension Plan.
Determining if what you are going to receive enough.