Results of an Independent Audit on Client Satisfaction

We regularly review our client satisfaction using an independent auditor.* We are delighted that once again our clients have given exceptionally high marks to our team.

We focus on what is important to our clients

100% of our clients agreed that the advice we give them is important to their financial future and 97% of them were pleased with the quality of that advice.

We explain and educate to enable confident decisions

96% of our clients found our face-to-face meetings valuable, with 87% describing those meetings as “very valuable.”

Our support is a positive experience

97% of our clients were satisfied or very satisfied with their overall experience. 92% expressed greater peace of mind due to our service and 91% were confident that a clear plan for their financial future had already been put in place. More than 90% of our clients found that the range of services we provide met all of their financial needs.

We create the best plan for you, carefully considering your circumstances

The more a client depends us, the higher their satisfaction. We created a special list of the clients who were most involved with us, receiving our comprehensive financial planning services. Fully 100% of these top clients gave us the highest possible assessment: Very satisfied and five out of five stars.

five stars

Our team celebrates this milestone achievement! We’d love to share this experience with you, too.

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* Client satisfaction auditing is a paid service performed by an independent third-party agency which specializes in these surveys.